Winning Time cast and characters | (2023)

Jerry-Bus(Played by John C Reilly)
A self-made millionaire whose success has only increased his willingness to take risks. Buss is redefining American sport, fame and fortune by turning the Lakers into a dynasty, but his house of cards threatens to collapse on him and the people he loves most.

Magic Johnson(Quincy Jesaja)
As talented in the game as magnetic in his life, his immersive, fast-paced style of play is revolutionizing the sport of basketball, while his style as a celebrity is changing the social fabric of the culture.

Jerry West(Jason Clarke)
Jerry West, the tormented, grumpy basketball genius, should be the man to turn the Lakers into a dynasty if he could only overcome his worst enemy: Jerry West.

Pat Riley(Adrien Brody)‌
Legendary Showtime-era head coach Pat Riley led the Lakers to four NBA championships and unprecedented glory. His iconic style, confidence and quick attack defined '80s basketball and influenced pop culture in general.

Claire Rothmann(Gaby Hoffmann)
The Forum's CEO, Claire, the first and only female director of a major sports arena on the market, uses her searing intelligence and emotional resilience to thrive in the misogynistic world of professional sports.

Jack Mckinney(Tracy Letts)‌
The unsung hero behind Showtime basketball, Jack McKinney is the original architect of the Lakers' fast-paced running game. While he has no experience as an NBA head coach, McKinney must find a way to execute his innovative vision and unify his new team.

Pablo Westhead(Jason Segel)
Paul Westhead, a Shakespearean professor, is leaving qualifying jobs to become an assistant coach for the Lakers. In Los Angeles, Westhead gets caught up in drama straight off the Bard side (which he likes to quote).

Cranny McKinney(Julianne Nicholson)‌
Cranny McKinney, the wife of a trainer who is also a trainer in many ways, is outspoken, funny and persistent. She's no stranger to uprooting her family, and she's doing it one last time: she's taking the family to Los Angeles to pursue her lifelong dream. It turns out that's exactly what it is; but as the Lakers achieve unprecedented success, until tragedy derails everything.

Jeanie Bus(Hadley Robinson)
Daughter of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, Jeanie is ambitious, intelligent and eager to prove she's as competent as the men around her while weighing the competing influences of her role models to forge her own identity as an entrepreneur forge.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar(Dr. Solomon Hughes)
His intelligence, talent and political activism have made him a living legend, but his introverted nature means he is misunderstood not only by the general public but also by his own peers. Deeply sensitive after a life of betrayal, the arrival of rookie Magic Johnson sparks his gradual journey to open himself up to those around him, a quest that will re-inspire his love of the game.

Earleatha "Galleta" Kelly(Tamera Tomakili)
Earleatha "Cookie" Kelly met her college friend Earvin Johnson Jr. before he became "Magic," a basketball superstar. Their ever-changing love story must withstand the onslaught of celebrity, distance, and plenty of growing pains.

Bill Sharman(Bret Cullen)
Bill Sharman is the ultimate Renaissance man: college basketball champion and four-time NBA champion, with a brief stint as a major league baseball player, a career as one of the most influential NBA coaches of all time, and a third run as a legend. Lakers GM. He even punched a shark in the face while on vacation in Acapulco. But as he begins to feel his age and loses his voice, he has to think about his future and the future of the team he loves.

Frank Marian(Stephen Adly Guirgis)
Real estate entrepreneur Frank Mariani spent 20 years building an empire in Los Angeles with business partner and best friend Jerry Buss. But when they're putting their all on the Lakers, a premier franchise in a faltering league, it takes nerves of steel, their best poker faces, and more than a few antacids to succeed.

Lon Rosen(Joey Brooks)
Before being an agent and business partner of Magic Johnson, Lon Rosen paid his dues by working alongside Jeanie Buss and Linda Rambis as the Fabulous Forum's youngest employee.

Cheryl Pistons(Sarah Ramos)
Unlike the public persona of her boyfriend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Cheryl Pistono is warm and outgoing. She uses her emotional intelligence to encourage Kareem to be himself, and together they overcome the ups and downs of a basketball life.

chick listen(Spencer Garrett)
Legendary Lakers broadcaster Chick Hearn coined terms that are essential to the basketball lexicon, including slam dunk, airball and no-look pass. His colorful language and "worldview" were so important to fans that he became one of the few personalities to headline simulcasts on television and radio.

Linda Zafrani(Molly Gordon)
Linda Zafrani's intelligence and insight have landed her a position in the Forum Office, but the arrival of new owners, Jerry Buss and his ambitious daughter Jeanie, force her to navigate an intricate web of personal and professional relationships.

Normal Nixon(De Vaughn Nixon)
A stylish playboy, Nixon overcomes insurmountable obstacles to become the Lakers' star point guard. He expertly takes care of the NBA star's intricacies... until talented young rookie Magic Johnson arrives in Los Angeles.

Michael Cooper(before Desouza)
Despite being drafted the previous season, a devastating knee injury made 24-year-old Michael Cooper a "rookie" alongside Magic Johnson. Cooper, anxious and insecure, is determined to prove himself to the team.

Jamal Wilkes(Jimel Atkins)‌
The son of a Baptist minister who converted to Islam, Jamaal Wilkes is thoughtful, kind-hearted and quiet. Which means he's often overshadowed by the big personalities (and bigger egos) of his teammates. But he doesn't need headlines or hype. On the pitch he is a silent killer; with a game slick enough to deserve its nickname: Silk.

Marco Landsberger(Austin Aaron)
Lakers backup, a huge, lovable lout.

Brad Holland(Jon Joven)
The only Laker sane enough to be nicknamed "Potsie".

Earvin Johnson Sr.(Rob Morgan)
Earvin Johnson Sr. worked as a garbage man and on an assembly line for decades to give his children a better life. When his son Earvin "Magic" Johnson is presented with an expensive NBA contract, the differences in the way Earvin Sr. and his namesake handle privilege, opportunity and attention become apparent.

jessie buss(Campo-Sally)
As a young single mother, Jessie Buss taught her son Jerry a love of math, money and the good times. Decades later, her son is a successful businessman who turns to her as a trusted advisor and accountant.

Donald Sterling(Kirk Boville)
Donald Sterling was already known for his questionable haircut and mean management of the Clippers before the infamous volume of a sexist and racist tirade was released. Reminiscent of another famous Donald from the '80s, Sterling chases the trappings of fame but lacks tact, empathy and grace.

Roter Auerbach(Michael Chiklis)
As coach of the Celtics, Red Auerbach won nine NBA championships. As general manager, he gained seven more. When the rise of the Lakers threatens his Boston dynasty, Auerbach proves to be a basketball genius and a ruthless competitor in every Lakers fan's nightmare.

Paula Abdel(Carina Conti)
Before becoming a decade-shaping pop star, Paula Abdul was just a high school student from the San Fernando Valley and worked as an innovative choreographer for the Laker Girls.

Magnet(Mariama Diallo)
The wife of Laker Spencer Haywood, legendary supermodel Iman brought art to the runway and African beauty to the American masses.

Ricardo Vor(Mike Epps)
The prolific, transgressive comedian who lived the Hollywood dream, sometimes to excess.

Spencer Heuholz(Wood Harris)
In 1970, Spencer Haywood took the NBA to the Supreme Court and won the right to join the league before graduating from college, paving the way for future greats like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. But the landmark court case also earned him a label: troublemaker. Haywood's willingness to fight for her rights blocked the next 9 years of her career. Joining the Lakers roster rekindles his hopes of winning the championship, but first he must face his own demons.

phil caballero(Olli Haaskivi)
The enigmatic and progressive founder of Nike.

Christine Johnson(Lisa Gay Hamilton)‌
Like her son, Christine Johnson is a natural leader in her community; able to rule a room with charisma and cunning. As Magic's fame and fortune grows, she tries to keep her feet on the ground.

Cindys Tag(raquel hilson)
Magic Johnson's girlfriend.

David Star(Andy Hirsch)
As the 30-year commissioner of the NBA, David Stern's innovative marketing transformed the NBA and led it to unprecedented financial success. But by 1979 he was the organization's legal counsel, determined to use the rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird to revitalize the league and hopefully save it from financial ruin.

cris riley(Gillian Jacobs)
Her husband Pat may be the one with the whistle, but Chris Riley is the one with a plan. A therapist by trade, Chris Riley uses his emotional expertise and strategic genius to make the Lakers champions.

You know(Lola's Church)
She may be married to one of basketball's greatest legends, but Karen West sees the real Jerry West and loves him for who he is, not his many accolades.

Jim Chones(Newton Mayenge)
A veteran NBA forward.

Larry Vogel(Sean Patrick Klein)
A basketball star who hates being in the spotlight; rather: Budweiser, torn jeans and brutally, ruthlessly destroying his opponents on the court. He and Magic Johnson, who have met since their legendary duel for the NCAA championship, continue their rivalry for the next decade.

Jack Nicholson(Max E. Williams)
Icon, movie star... and one of the biggest Lakers fans on the court.


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